Do you feel like you are in limbo in life right now?

I did. And then I didn't. 

Limbo means you are awaiting something. I decided to reflect on the meaning of that and shifted to another. 

I now define this time as an Intermission. An Intermission is a time of rest and preparation.

         Words have Power.  

I hope you give power and purpose to this time in your life. 



Marble Surface


Intermission: A Poetry Collection

"Intermission offers the deep reflections, expressions, and internalizations of many who grapple with “playing the game” to be successful from an ideal sense. I personally enjoyed, empathized and embraced the struggle from page to page."



"I enjoyed every aspect of this book, it is empowering, allowing light to enter the soul. I definitely will share Miss Alana's book with other poets. I plan to buy her other book.


To look at the man in the mirror and have a conversation with the man that is not being reflected in the mirror is worth exploring."

—  Randolph Chestang

—  Michael D. Gray