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I've learned to intentionally live outside of my comfort zone.
I have discovered that is where my dreams reside. 
-Alana M. Abernethy


Creativity is the foundation of my passion and my purpose in life.

My creativity initially manifested in writing poetry when I was 11 years old. Since then I have discovered it manifests in my service to others and in my efficient and organized business practice as a Business Owner. 

I now use my creativity to serve others and assist them in their dreams. As a published author, I serve other creatives in navigating the publishing process.

As a creative entrepreneur, I serve business owners or aspiring business owners, in establishing organized and efficient business practices in tune with their unique needs and vision. 

I use my creativity and experience to bring your vision and your dreams to life! 

How I can Serve You.

Let's bring your Dreams to Life

Below you will find three categories of the service I provide:

My Bookstore

Publishing Consulting​

Business Consulting:

(Process Efficiency & Organization & Brand Management)

Residential Library


Your Personal Bookstore

Love going to the bookstore to browse, see what catches your eye, and then excitingly purchase it to take home to curl up and read? This is one of my favorite things to do. I consider a bookstore one of my happy places. 

Consider this your very own private visit to Alana's Bookstore. Come in, take a look, and buy a book you can curl up to and read. 

Ready to Get Published

Publishing Consulting

Start Your Publishing Journey Today!

I put off publishing for years because I didn't know where or how to start. The different aspects of publishing overwhelmed me and all the things I knew I didn't know were daunting. 

I don't want anyone else to miss out on their dream of publishing or put it off because they don't know how to. I am here to help you successfully publish your book.

Let's do it!

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Business Consulting

Process Efficiency & Organization & Brand Management

It began with me wanting to help a friend. I applied my creativity and over ten years of experience in process improvement, organization, and execution to increase the efficiency of my friend's business and, most importantly, save him precious time.

As a Naval Officer, process efficiency and organization are critical to mission accomplishment. I bring that level of commitment.

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