"The Queen has done it again.

It means so much to read the work of a poet

that is able to connect with the many feelings

and emotions that go through my own mind.

For me truly powerful work. Forever grateful."

-Paul Winston

What people are saying about Intermission II

Love it!!! Definitely a Must Read

"Intermission ii for me was more than just words, it’s inspiring.

I found myself mesmerized by the realness and relatability to the multiple stages of my journey.


This book is long enough to get lost in but just short enough to leave you excited for what’s to come. The Author did an amazing job at taking us on a journey that is her own but somehow feels like your own.

Great work!"

-Javon Villanueva

Book Description

Life feels less lonely and

you feel most seen when you are understood, 

when you feel you are not alone in your thoughts and

your deepest feelings. 

If this resonated with you,

then this is your book.

"Intermission II: A Poetry Collection-- speechless 😱‼️ Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just layed on my sofa 🛋 and literally read the entire thing! There is so much to learn and take away from every page! You truly have a gift 🎁 and I am honored to witness it through your writing. I mean it had me shook from beginning to end and I had to grab a glass of water 💧 when I was finished."

-Freddy Simpson

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Book Description

Queen Poet Lioness is a journey through self-reflection

and self-discovery to self-empowerment written by

an authentic, open, and self-aware poet.

This Poetry Collection will encourage you to take the time

to reflect on yourself, to seek the hidden pieces of yourself

that you have yet to discover

and empower you to accept whatever it is you find.